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Ezy GL
Accounting Software
EZY GL Accounting software was made
with the Filipino entrepreneur in mind. We
wanted to make it easier for them to
manage and run their business by
providing them with an accounting
software that is inexpensive,
uncomplicated and convenient.
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Ezy GL

EZY GL is best described as affordable, easy to set up, use, and
It is affordable because you actually get to use the program on a
subscription basis thus, it will not tie up a sizeable amount of your cash
as compared to an outright purchase or a customization, which can be
a very long and tedious process. At Ps.300 per month subscription fee,
it is so minimal considering the benefits and rewards of automating
your Books of Accounts. A computerized system can lead to a reduction
in the amount of hours spent in preparing recurring financial,
management, and Government reports. Consequently, manpower cost
will be trimmed down. Timely and updated financial reports can spell
the difference between a good and bad management decision. There
is no obligation to renew after the subscription period.

EZY GL is written in Visual Basic using MS Excel as user interface.
Knowledge of Excel is all one needs to know in order to successfully
use and handle our program. There will be no complication
encountered when you set up your own chart of accounts, customers,
suppliers, assign applicable accounts to the different column headings
on your various books of accounts and design and group accounts to
reflect your balance sheet and income statement appearance. At the
click of a button, the program posts automatically to the General Ledger
(GL) the summary of the monthly transactions for each books of
accounts. Postings to the different subsidiary ledgers are done in the
same manner. All reports are processed automatically.

EZY GL comes with a Report Writer. A very flexible tool at the disposal
of the user to process specific data needed for various management
and Government reports. The data are all extracted from the different
books of accounts.

EZY GL can also be used not only by Trading and Service oriented
enterprises, but other organizations like credit cooperatives and in the
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We also offer a subsription based payroll program for P,1200 per year.
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