The term “subscription” means that EZY GL is just giving you
the right to use the accounting software until the end of your
subscription period. The subscription does not transfer
ownership of the program modules or the right to modify the
program. The program modules and the workbooks are still
the exclusive property of EZY GL, except for the data
contained therein.
Our professionalism and expertise will help save you time
and money.
We'll work with you to develop the best bookkeeping strategy
for your company, no matter how large or small.
We're here to answer your questions anytime.
Our Mission
Ezy GL
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Tech support:  Phone-in assistance during office hours. For
further inquiries, please feel free to call us up at Tel. No. 913-
6821 or 433-7583 or you can log on at

Conrad Natac,  CPA, President

Hermel Hernando, CPA, Vice-President Asia Pacific Group.

EzyGL is part of EzyRecon, US based premier bank
reconciliation developer.

Who we are
EZY GL Accounting software was made
with the Filipino entrepreneur in mind. We
wanted to make it easier for them to
manage and run their business by
providing them with an accounting
software that is inexpensive,
uncomplicated and convenient.