Report produce the Ezy GL, the premiere
accounting software.
Applicable for use by Trading enterprises, Service oriented companies,
cooperatives, CPAs, Accounting Practitioners, Bookkeepers,
accounting Professors and students,

Includes the following Books of Accounts: (Posted automatically to the
General Ledger and their corresponding Subsidiary Ledgers)

Sales Book

Disbursement Book

Receipts Book

Purchase Journal

General Journal

General Ledger

Ezy GL
Our Mission
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Basic Reports
Trial Balance

Balance Sheet

Income Statement

Schedule of Accounts Receivable

Aging of Accounts Receivable

Schedule of Other Receivable accounts

Schedule of Accounts Payable

Aging of Accounts Payable

Schedule of Other Payable accounts

Monthly Summary/Recap of Sales Book Transactions

Monthly Summary/Recap of Disbursement Book Transactions

Monthly Summary/Recap of Receipts Book Transactions

Monthly Summary/Recap of Purchase Journal Transactions

Monthly Summary/Recap of General Journal Transactions

Assets Monitor Schedule

Versatile Report Writer (User defined, accumulates data from
Books of Accounts)

Can generate data needed for other financial reports

Can generate data needed for Management reports

Can generate data needed for Government reports

Other Features:

Automatic closing of accounts at year – end

Automatic transfer of beginning balances

User defined Chart of accounts

User defined Customers

User defined suppliers

User defined columnar headings for all Books of Accounts

Allow cut and paste movement of data

No obligation to renew after subscription period
All data and transactions reside and is kept within the user’s
computer only. Data confidentiality is maintained.

Terms: Minimum of ONE (1) YEAR subscription or Ps. 3,600

Mimimum Requirements:

Personal Computer, Pentium III or higher
Windows XP or later
128 MB RAM or higher
S Excel 2003 or higher

EZY GL Accounting software was made
with the Filipino entrepreneur in mind. We
wanted to make it easier for them to
manage and run their business by
providing them with an accounting
software that is inexpensive,
uncomplicated and convenient.
Basic Reports