The cooperative industry has long been neglected in so far as financial management software is concerned.
Nowhere in the market you will find an accounting software that will address the requirements and needs of a credit
cooperative. We at EZY GL have recognized this particular need of the cooperative industry and have designed our
program in such a way that it can accommodate and address this particular problem. Credit cooperatives normally
dispense credit to their members the amount of which depends on the members’ equity contribution. Members can
avail of different types of loans offered by the coop. In order to service members’ needs, this will require management to
track and monitor the outstanding balances of each and every member per type of loan including their equity
contribution balance. EZY GL easily fits in with this kind of credit and equity management. EZY GL can create multi-level
receivable accounts with corresponding subsidiary ledgers no matter how many types of loans are required likewise it
is also capable of setting up unlimited subsidiary ledgers for the members’ equity contributions to monitor each and
every members’ equity contribution balance. It can also integrate in the program the automatic computation of interest
or dividend earned by the members based on their equity balances at year - end.  
These are some of the industries that we think will greatly benefit from our
system. These industries have a unique requirement but EzyGl, the premiere
accounting software, easily addresses their requirements.
Ezy GL
The Cooperative Industry
Basically, one of the subjects offered in the accounting curriculum deals with computerized accounting system. For
accounting students to totally appreciate and learn how a computerized accounting system functions, they have to
familiarize themselves with one that they can get hold of and be able to set up, use and practice on their own. The
problem that confronts the school and the students in particular, is the availability of an affordable software that will
meet and address this particular need. We at EZY GL can address this problem by making available to both the
accounting professors and students our program at a very minimal cost that will not unduly burden their educational
budget. We can assist accounting mentors develop practice sets to be used and applied using our program as the
medium in coming up with the basic reports as required in the subject. By engaging the students in simulated
transactions with the use of the EZY GL program, students will be better equipped as they apply what they have
learned later in their careers.
The Academe
Sooner than later, Government agencies, more particular the Bureau of Internal Revenue or BIR will require most, if
not all Taxpayers to use a computerized accounting system instead of the archaic manual preparation of a business’
books of accounts. Almost every household nowadays have computers and internet connections already. Look, most
students in the primary and secondary schools have computer education integrated in their curriculum. MS Word and
MS Excel are now part of the Computer education subject taught in the elementary and secondary schools. That’s why
we don’t see any reason why a switch from manual to computerized bookkeeping will not be implemented in the near
future. When this happens, reports to the BIR will be sent via the internet and that data uploading to the BIR’s data
banks will be very fast and efficient (Note-this is already being implement by the BIR for all Large Taxpayers). This will
speed up tax audits, assessments, and collection on the part of the premier collecting agency of the National
Government. Since this scenario is inevitable, why not start using and implementing a computerized accounting
program that can meet the Government requirements. EZY GL’s use of MS Excel is very compatible with the system
being used by the BIR. Here is your chance to start using a very affordable accounting program by subscribing to EZY
The Bureau of Internal Revenue
We need not enumerate the advantages that the above practitioners will derive from their clients on a computerized
accounting system. The time and effort saved, the efficiency and accuracy among others, will give more quality to the
service they have engaged themselves in which in turn will solicit not only monetary reward but a better relationship
between them (practitioners) and their clients. This will bring a mutual and beneficial relationship to both the cost of
which is very immaterial and insignificant compared to the rewards both will reap from the use of EZY GL.
CPAs, Accounting practitioners, and Bookkeepers